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What Our Clients Say About Us

“My wife and I have been very fortunate to have Will Morris as our guide to getting our estate planning affairs in order.  As a married couple with young children, the need to get one's affairs properly in order is critical.  Will's approach to understanding our needs, concerns and wishes, as well as getting us to consider many possible future scenarios based on our unique situation was invaluable to helping us determine the proper design for our family.

As an experienced practitioner, Will has the benefit of years of experience and a breadth of client and personal scenarios upon which to advise from.  From the easiest of plans to the most complex situations, he treats his clients as if they are family members providing patient, wise, and candid advice.  He delivered a very comprehensive plan to us, complete with planning documents, in a very efficient and cost-effective manner, and his response time on follow-up questions from my wife and I has been great.

We could not have asked for nor expected a better experience with Will, and as such offer our highest recommendation to anyone considering him and his practice for their estate planning needs.  While the future is always uncertain, thanks to Will, it is without hesitation that we feel our family and its needs will be cared for in a way that protects the integrity and substance of our wishes should the most unfortunate of situations arise.”

 C.C. and E.C. - Carrollton, Texas

 "With two small children, my husband and I discussed the importance of a Living Trust. It can be a difficult conversation, but Will guided us through it, step-by-step, and helped us develop a Trust and plan that we are comfortable with. Will's patience and follow-up through the process has been great."

Hagop and Talene Kozanian - Dallas, Texas - (Recently relocated to San Mateo, California)

"Will's service and dedication to us as clients was superb!  The creation of our family trust was easy, efficient and very professional.  Will took the extra time to answer our many questions and walked through step by step what each selection and decision meant.   The result is a personalized trust that fits our needs now and can be adjusted through the future.  He provides a fantastic service that we have recommended to our parents!"

Shane and Tracy McMillan - Dallas, Texas 

“After a personal health scare recently, I asked Will to review my existing wills and estate planning documents. He was able to very quickly assess my objectives and develop a new plan that was not only a better fit for my family's emerging life circumstances...but one which was equally as comprehensive, but much simpler than my previous plan. Most importantly, my peace of mind is greatly improved.”

Rick and Debra Cook – Plano, Texas

 "We highly recommend working with Will Morris when developing Estate Planning Strategies. We were making significant updates to our estate plans and the experience that Will brought allowed him to quickly understand our objectives from an estate planning and tax strategy perspective. He was able to explain implications of complex legal terminology in simple terms that laymen could grasp. This made it much easier to incorporate the options we wanted into our plans. Will was organized, extremely responsive and provided us with final documents and appropriate resources to quickly bring our estate plans to closure. He also follows up after all documents are in place to ensure any actions required (e.g., funding trusts) are taken so that estate plans will be implemented as desired. He was a pleasure to work with. We were completely satisfied with his expertise, recommendations and implementation."

Sherry and Mike O'Hara – Dallas, Texas

“My wife and I just completed the process of drafting our will and related documents using the services of Will Morris. We were extremely pleased with Will’s professionalism, accessibility and commitment to helping us achieve our objectives. Although this process seemed daunting at first, Will broke it down into very easy steps that helped us organize out thoughts. Moreover, Will’s fees were very reasonable considering time spent with us. I would not hesitate to recommend Will as a great advisor to someone looking into a good attorney that can provide guidance on estate planning.” 

Eduardo Sobrino and Ana Batista - Keller, Texas

“We are very pleased with the estate planning services provided by Will Morris.  He took time to explain the various areas of the process in detail and answered our many questions without rushing.  Will is easy to work with and used real-life examples of the need for certain components in language we could understand. In addition, he has been responsive to our needs and has made himself readily available to answer questions by phone, e-mail or in person. We can heartily recommend Will Morris’s estate planning services.”

Pat and Chris Hulsey – Irving, Texas

“We respect Will’s professionalism and most importantly, we are genuinely very impressed with his execution of the four "C"s.  He truly lives them, and we felt that we got quite a bargain with the quality and breadth of the estate planning documents, not to mention the valuable time that he spent with us.  I would personally be willing to take a phone call from a prospective client if they wanted a first hand, verbal testimonial from a happy client.”

R.J. and C.J. - Plano, Texas

“I highly recommend Will Morris for your family Estate Planning. Will is very personable and he takes the time to really understand your family needs for the future. He explains the different estate planning options that are relevant for your family in terms that you can understand. During my estate planning, Will was very knowledgeable and diverse in estate planning from the simple estate plan to very complex estate planning.

Will provided impeccable cost, convenience and service for my family. He is extremely flexible and accommodates your work and/or personal schedule so it’s convenient for your family. He has met with me at my house and responds the same business day. The cost for his services was very reasonable and he will work within his client’s budget.  

Will provides remarkable commitment to his client’s by being there for all current and future needs for your family and life changes. He is someone you can trust that will protect your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out legally.”

Michele Smith - Irving, Texas

“Will has been a great source of knowledge and comfort in the estate planning process. It was much less complicated, shorter and easier than we thought it would be and we would highly recommend him to everyone!”

Peter and Tracey Schwartz - Irving, Texas

"We were extremely pleased with the advise and council provided by Will Morris.  He was professional, knowledgable, personable and patient in assisting us in the preparation of our Estate Planning.

Our meeting was for the legal preparation of a Will and Medical Directives prepared under the auspices of a Professional, with knowledge of  the Laws and wording needed to provide binding legal Documents.

Very importantly, he clearly and succinctly explained the difference between Wills and Trusts.  We both had the common misconception that only those with Wealth Funds and Investments were those with 'Trusts'.

Will explained a Family Trust versus a Will  was in our best interest.   His knowledge of the laws and processes was extensive.  He answered all our questions with ease and clarity.  Will takes care of all document preparation. You are given a three ring binder, each Section tabbed.  The Documents are also placed on a thumb drive in a Word Document. Throughout the lifetime of our Family Trust,  any and as many revisions may be made, without additional costs.  All future needs or information we or our Family may have of Will Morris are without cost.

Thank you to Will for giving us the reassurance through our Family Trust, all our wishes regarding Health, Death and Asset distribution, are legally binding and clearly defined for our Children.

We feel blessed to have been directed to Will."

George and Linda Kakos - Coppell, Texas